Friday, 10 August 2012

Day 223

You know how I said yesterday you get nowhere without determination? Well, today, through determination and persistence, I AM GOING TO THE OLYMPICS!!!  Finally, after days on end stuck to the computer trying to get tickets, I managed to get 4 tickets to the hockey this morning.  So excited to be going to the Olympic Park!!

So, we've had stronger, we've had faster, today we have


(sorry for another -er word, Anne! :) x)


  1. Well Done Suzie :D Have a great time xxx

  2. Hope you have a great time Suzie ! xx

  3. Been awol for ages, sorry e1, but excited by my Olympic Photos. So pleased you got to go in the end Suzie, enjoy the hockey.

  4. Great that you got to go to see the hockey, Suzie. I have a friend who went, perhaps you were sitting next to her????

  5. We were there on the 7th & it was amazing!! We saw the mens ath;etics & our seays in the stadium were just to the right of the cauldron....totally mindblowing!! I know you'll have an amazing time in the park...when we walked past the hockey stadium (sooo high!!) Argentina were playing South Africa & the roar of the crowd, even outside, was deafening!!'s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!! :D