Sunday, 30 December 2012

Day 365

Almost there!

Today's word is



  1. This is so sad, one day to go. I know we have Lucky Scrapping 2013 but and will get into the swing of a new challenge but for 365 days we have all committed to this year. thank you xxx

  2. agree with lynne...have got into a routine so it will be strange without it. Thanks for doing the challenge for us :)

  3. The end is good if it is the beginning of something new - Lucky Scrapping 2013!
    /I'm sad too - though I was with you only for half time./
    I will use the words of Helen -
    Thanks for doing the challenge for us!

  4. Yes I so agree it can't have been easy for you giving us a challenge every day.

    Thank you so much xxx