Saturday, 7 July 2012

Day 189

Today's prompt is

past its' prime


  1. The French way to comment this word would be : " Et vous trouvez ca drole ? "

    And you find it funny ?

    Sorry don't have accents and all this stuff on my Keyboard.

    Well it's going to be a tough one, but surely as much fun as all the others, lol.

    Thank you Suzie ! xx

  2. Suzie now you give us this word after I threw out all the out of date herbs etc I found in my kitchen cupboards!!!
    I suppose I could take a photo of DH but that would be too easy and cruel too though he would agree!!

  3. LOL, Lynne, you are lucky I am just preparing my post now because I wanted to include a massive warning in it " Peter, run for your life ! ", LOL

  4. Sandi, in case you read this, I don't know if my brain collapsed but I didn't find a way to comment on your blog. Lovely photos though !!! xx