Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 202

Today's prompt is

matched pair


  1. hi everyone... sorry i didnt answer sooner, i am pretty sick with a strange bug at the moment that is leaving completely zapped. Thank you all so much for trying to leave comments on my last blog entries, i am going to have to stop using my blog as i do not know enough about blogger to allow just a few people to view it. i have obviously managed to disable the comments, but dont know how to only set it so that only the regular 366ers can view and comment on my blog. I was shocked when i found out that my blog was being used against me and i am still reeling from it, so, unless i can figure out how to just add you girls, i will not be posting my pictures anymore on my blog but to my facebook. If anybody really wants to carry on following me, feel free to email me picxie99 at yahoo dot co dot uk and i will send you an invite to my facebook. thank you for a fun 6 months so, i will carry on checking every day and taking my photo :)

  2. Get better soon Nicky. I will have a look if I can on how a blog really works as I don't have a clue either. xxx

  3. Hi Picxie - I hope you come back and see this. This is how you can set up a blog with only invited people able to see it:

    Making Your Blog Private

    Create Your Blog - Go to Blogger.Com, if you already have a Gooloe account for Gmail, Youtube or other Google services you can also use that account for Blogger so just log in.If you dont have a Google account you can create one in a few minutes.Follow the 3 easy steps to create you blog.

    Invitation Only Blog. Once You have created you blog when you log in you are brought to your dashboard and it's from here you can access your blogs settings.Click 'Settings' in your dashboard Followed by 'Permissions' in the top menu.

    You have two options here :

    1. You can choose who you want allow to view your blog by clicking "only people i choose"
    Then just add the email addresses of who you permit, no one else will be able to view the blog.

    2.You also have the option to allow others to write posts in your blog, just add the emails as above and they can log in and write to your blog.

    Once you invite an author and they accept you can also grant them 'Admin Privelages' by following the 'Settings' > 'Permissions' route - The invite must be accepted before you grant Admin Privileges.

    Now that author can also invite people to your blog, this is a great way to make your blog a community.

    I hope that helps. All you would need to do is get our email addresses to add us as invited people.

    Apologies to Suzie that this is a long comment, but I have no other way of getting in touch with Pixcie.

  4. D'oh - I've just realised that Picxie gave an email addy so I've sent the info direct now. I'm leaving my original comment here because it might be helpful to anyone else who wants their blog to go private. x

  5. Replies
    1. To all - Do you know why there must be "matched pair"?
      The same two things - in the bedroom, the house - two identical lamps, vases, pillows, figurines ... - They bring Love!