Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 136

A tricky one today!

portrait of a stranger 

I thought this one might cause a bit of a stir! Just to set your mind at ease, I thought I'd post a link to photographer's rights in the UK! Do have a read - it is quite interesting (the article will give you the link to the document). Street photographers take photos of strangers all the time! So here's my offering! Surreptitiously taken with my iPhone and grunged up!!


  1. I'll will refrain from repeating what I spontaneously said when I read the word, LOL. That's going to be fun today ...

  2. Rather than get arrested at the bus stop - I've taken a different route for today's prompt!

  3. These laws are very strange. It's illegal to take a photo of bank notes but not of people in a public place ???
    Honestly I don't understand. If you are in the middle of a crowd in a public event and you happened to be photographed amongst others, I think that's OK because you know the event will probably be covered on TV. But taking a picture of a specific person, alone, as we did today, I think it's not fair (depending on what we do with it of course). It's not because you are walking your dog on a tuesday morning in plain view or having a walk with your lover along a river that you necessarily want to be posted on Facebook. Anyway, my strangers are safe with me, lol !

  4. Oh and your photo is really nice by the way !

  5. My comments keep getting lost! I love your photo of a stranger and the 'grunged up' effect.

  6. I love your shot :)

    Co-incidentally there was an article about it in my magazine this month and I was surprised at how much you can take :)