Friday, 4 May 2012

Declaring a catch up!

Dear lovely 366ers

 I would like to declare this bank holiday weekend a mammoth catch up weekend! I am planning to post up photos of as many of the days I have missed as I can ... and if YOU have fallen a bit behind, why don't you join me?!

 If you don't need to catch up, have yourself a pat on the back and a jolly lovely bank holiday weekend! There will, of course, be a daily prompt to keep you busy :)


Edited to add!  I've updated the 'beautiful' post below with my ... well, not photo, but beautiful song/video!  Feast your ears and eyes!  (if you want to :))


  1. look forward to seeing your pics, have a lovely long weekend :)

  2. That's a brilliant idea Suzie. Have a great Bank Holiday too !

  3. Hope everyone has a great Bank Holiday. I have a couple of photos to catch up on. The Bull in Birmingham has a 'bright' Union Jack jumper on at the moment- so have a feeling if it isn't pouring down with rain tomorrow- he's going to feature!

  4. What a great idea Suzie, I hope you have a nice relaxing one planned?

    I am planning on celebrating National Scrapbooking Day (i'm sure that's a US thing but I still want to join in!). I work in retail and I am usually much, much busier and work longer but due to the circumstances I am off all three days and boy will I be glad of the break :) xx

  5. That is my plan for later so I will be with you there. Think Picassa collage will be coming in useful for me :0)

  6. Well done Suzie. I think I'll have a go with some scrapbooking tomorrow to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day. They were talking about it on Womans Hour this morning.