Monday, 22 October 2012

A note ...

Hello lovely people

I just wanted to let you all know that I have (finally) updated the "the prompts" page on the blog, so you can more easily see if you've missed a day ... I think there might be a few errors though, where I might've changed the prompt at the last minute, and there are a couple of duplicates, so if you see anything amiss please do let me know!

Also, I was thinking thoughts might be turning to next year ... as I'm sure you've probably all guessed, I will not be running this challenge again next year!  I MIGHT, however, carry on/try again with a photo a day, and might carry on posting my daily photo on this blog.

In my internet travels I have come across a couple of challenges that are going ahead next year, and I will prepare a blog post on these in the very near future, so you can see if you might be interested in joining any of those.  One of them is a Daily Challenge group on Facebook which is the one I might (or might not!) do ...

Huge thanks to the little band of merry snappers who have stuck with this from the beginning!  Keep going ... the end is nigh!



  1. Hi Suzie.. and everyone,
    i only just emntioned this on jen's page last evening. I'd love to carry on something as we do seem to have made a stalwart band don't we. I think a day one again may be a day or 365 too far and I find a monthly challenge I do isn't enough on continuity with people, so thought maybe a weekly one giving us chance to check in on each other. We could even take turns to set the themes.. anyways, tell us when you can about your thoughts.. and thanks for making our year memorable..and putting us all in touch! Kathi x

  2. Hi Suzie and everybody,
    I agree with Kathi, once a month isn't enough. I can't say how sweet it has been to see Harry growing up day after day, or to hear about each of you with good and bad times to share, so I also want to keep in touch next year. I am not sure about weekly, I guess it must be a question of getting used to it. I think I was able to stick to this challenge because it was everyday, sunshine or snow and I had it as part of my routine. Let's see what we all come up with. Anne x
    PS: I am not really a Facebook person. Eek...

  3. Dear ladies, I want to continue that connection - in some form - I will take part / I'm in! / But not on Facebook. Please.
    I'm willing to bet that if Suzie could not be chief in 2013, then one of you - maybe ..
    I love you all and I need these tasks!

  4. I with you all. I really don't want to stop keeping in touch. I think I could manage once a week and if it is on the same day every week it would get into a routine I hope. I like the idea of us taking turns to set challenges. what do you think Suzie? Would you be interested in joining us and helping a little as I really don't want to lose touch with ANYBODY?

  5. I think I could set this blog up so that someone else could edit it with me ... maybe 3 volunteers plus me and we could host a week each month ... each week's host could decide what the theme/challenge for the week would be. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

  6. Even though I've been in permanent catch-up mode with this project, I am so enjoying working to the prompts & am looking fprward to seeing my finished the flesh, so to speak! I'm still enjoying checking out everyones 'takes' on the prompts & although I don't often leave a comment (I'm usually perusing on my laptop while chilling in front of the TV of an evening!!) your names are now all so familiar! In 2013 I'm doing 'Project Life' & plan to give that my full attention & NOT fall behind!! (Don't hold your breath!!) So I won't commit to another project, but would love to stop by & see what's happening over here!! Meanwhile we still have 69 days of prompts to look forward to!! :D

  7. I would like to do something and keep in touch....not everyday but I like the idea of something weekly :)

  8. Hi I am back from France and just read this, I don't want to stop my blog bu like the idea of a weekly challenge too xxxx