Sunday, 7 October 2012

Day 281

Today's prompt is

natural framing

(sorry it's a bit late this morning!)


  1. Having had shingles badly I stopped taking part each day - then we went to Eastbourne for ten days and I fully intended to catch up when I got back. However, a couple of days later there was a trauma with my mum who has now gone into a residential home and I've had so much to sort out and do that I haven't got a hope of catching up. I'm really disappointed because I intended to see it through for the whole year, but, unfortunately, these things happen - miss you all xx

    1. Hazel we miss you, have left a comment on your blog today, hope you join in again? Take care xxx

  2. Sorry to hear what you have been going through Hazel. Would be nice to see you back, maybe just jump straight back in, no need to catch up.... Take care x

  3. Thanks Hazen blog, I found this challenge and these pleasant emotions. R
    eally like the projects of Haze!
    I agree with Helen -
    Just Jump Here!