Saturday, 20 October 2012

Day 294

Today, let's see a

black and white portrait

I had intended to take a more traditional portrait today, but no-one was willing to pose for me. My last resort was my mum, who had been ill earlier in the week following a flu jab. I thought she had improved, though, and would be up for modelling for me, however she has deteriorated again and was feeling and looking pretty grim. So here is a faceless'portrait' of my poor mum ... this is part of her pharmacy collection that keeps her alive!


  1. Poor Mum, hope she feels better soon from her jab, and what a lot of medication. Great shot of it though.

  2. Hope your mum gets better soon ! x

  3. I also wish that:
    Hope your mum gets better soon!

  4. I remember my mum having that amount of medication.
    I'm sorry she was ill after her flu jab they shouldn't affect people these days.