Saturday, 4 February 2012

Day 35

Happy Saturday!  Snow is heading our way ... take care people!

Today's word is


I would like to thank whoever brought liquid soap into our kitchens and bathrooms! Now I am in no way a germophobe, but the thought of using a bar of soap that has who knows how many germs festering in it gives me the heebie jeebies!


  1. I'm loving your B&W shots...sooo atmospheric!!!

  2. Love your shot, but I do have to question your logic on the germ laden bar of soap. If washing your hands with soap and water kills the germs, and washing your hands with water alone doesn't kill the germs, surely it is the soap part of the partnership that does the business? So I wonder how do the germs survive on the bar of soap? I would have thought there is more chance of germs lurking on the push-down lever of the liquid soap bottle...seeing as we use dirty hands to push it down...LOL

    1. I guess I didn't phrase it right ... it's actually not the germs, but when you see bits stuck in the soap! Like hair and stuff, then the soap cracks and goes all manky *shudder* I have no problem with germs per se and think they are highly necessary to live healthily! I have a bleach obsessed friend whose family are constantly sick with bugs, and we are a pretty much bleach free house and are hardly ever ill :) I think it's just the sight of a manky soap bar that turns me off :)

    2. Liquid soap dispensers definitely have the edge in aesthetic appeal! We are also a bleach free house as we are on a septic tank system. The bleach-freaks in the neighbourhood have to call the tank man a couple of times a year because they kill off all the bacteria that eat the sewage.

  3. I'm totally with you on the soap dispensers. I used to hate the soap if it went mushy. We keep getting the sensor soap dispensers- but they have a habit of dispensing soap on their own!!!

  4. Great shot Suzie. I like liquid soap at the kitchen sink but real soap in the bathroom, but you have to buy good soap so it doesn't go mushy. Thought I'd posted earlier in the day, but gremlins have stolen my pic so have re-posted.