Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 46 ... umm, no, it's Day 45!!

Apologies for my tardiness today! Hubster is working from home, so is on the Mac, reducing me to using Daught's netbook thing which is megaaaaa slllllooowwwww!

Happy Valentines Day lovely people! Apart from giving each other a card, we don't really DO Valentines day. Apparently 'every day is Valentines day' ... that's what I'm told anyway!!! ;)

The word for today is ...


I know some of you have done this before .... as ever, if you don't fancy the word snap whatever is happening in your life right now!

These are the candles hubby insists on keeping in a drawer in the hall, so we know where they are in case of a power cut. We have never had cause to use them in the 12 years we have been living in this house :)


  1. It even made you go one day too much ahead, Suzie, lol

  2. Makes a change for me to be first! Have a good day, Suzie, whatever day you think it is - lol! x

  3. See what school holidays do Suzie. Retiring is like that all the time.

  4. I am playing suze but the link widget doesn't like the links from my iPad!
    I'll be glad when my laptop is fixed!

  5. ... hope there are a method of lighting them too!.. or it's a 'fail'! x

  6. Daren't put all the candles away in a drawer here as power cuts are frequent. My overmantle always has a candle in an old-fashioned candlestick with a gas lighter in the saucer.