Sunday, 12 February 2012

Day 43

I need to catch up!

Today I want you to photograph something

from your past

My grandparents ... sitting on the beach, fully clothed. My nan has her handbag on her lap. She was never far away from her handbag, and we even sent it up to heaven with her, stuffed with photos of her loved ones :)


  1. Two choices immediately spring to mind- will have a think about the best way to photograph them!

  2. I couldn't choose between two choices, so I've included them both. Thanks for a good prompt, Suzie. x

  3. Suzie, you must be proud of how everyone is getting into this challenge, I am really enjoying it and loving getting to know the others...hope we can all stay the course! K

  4. What a beautiful photo Suzie, I wish I had one like that of my grand-parents. They all passed away when I was too young to realize the need of taking pictures!

  5. This reminds me SOOOOOO much of my nan and grandad. We went on holiday with them every year- and my grandad wore a suit on the beach! HE did occasionally roll his trouser legs up to have a paddle. My nan also had her handbag on her lap on the deckchair. We always had loads to carry onto the beach- but my nan only carried her handbag. One day my grandad put a huge rock in her handbag so that she was carrying more!!!!!!