Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Day 59 +1!!!

Happy Leap Day everyone!  What are you going to do with your extra day?  Any ladies planning to propose?!  I hope you find time to snap something


(I'll be back later today to catch up on yesterday's posts!)

Today has been extraordinary for me for several reasons!
1. It is 29 February!
2. I had my haircut! (I hate going to the hairdressers and snip my own fringe until the rest of my hair looks a real mess)
3. I quite like my new haircut! (though it does show up a lot of grey ... will be remedying that later ;))
4. I went shopping for a few holiday clothes and bought them without trying them on ... and they all fit!
5. I went into TKMaxx looking for something specific, doubting they would have any, let alone any in my size and a suitable colour ... but there on the shelf was a lone pair of Birkenstocks, size 6, metallicy-powdery blue! Just waiting for me! How extraordinary :) (I am notoriously unlucky when it comes to buying shoes - they never have my size!)

So here are my extraordinary Birkenstocks ... I'm wearing them in now so they mould to my feet in time for my holiday :-D


  1. It's extraordinary for me to be the first one! x

  2. Wow, what a lucky day you had Suzie !!! Well done.

  3. wow truly extraordinary :) i thought i was the only woman who hated hairdressers, in fact we talked about it only last night, it is almost a whole year ago since i last went (for our wedding anniversary).. and i LOVE LOVE my birkies.. being german, i kind of grew up in them and still remember how happy i was when i spotted them over here for the first time. theres only 3 pairs of "shoes" im comfy in... dr martens, birkies and my crocs..

  4. Hi, I think your holiday coming up is also helping the mist and grey to lift!! It's nice to see how everyone's interpreted and appreciated the 'extra day, thanks Suzie.. x

  5. Happy Leap Day Suzie :)
    You have recorded it so well, I loathe the hairdressers, even though I have found 2 in the same place that are lovely, I still hate it!
    Those birkenstocks are lovely, hope they break in well :)

  6. I am green with envy at your Birkenstock find!! Extraordinary indeed!! :)