Saturday, 18 February 2012

Day 49

Thanks to those who have removed word verification on their blogs - it certainly makes things a whole lot easier!

Today's word is


Easier than yesterday's I hope! :)

Here's mine! A close-up of the overflowing ironing basket ... I could show you what it ACTUALLY looks like ... but I won't :D

One of you asked how I got the effect on yesterday's photo ... I used the Olloclip macro lens on my iPhone, took the photo using the Camera+ app, then changed it to black and white. I then opened it up in Snapseed app and added a bit of 'tilt shift' to get the blurring effect, and added some grunge. I then used Pixlromatic app (my absolute favourite) to add the border. :)


  1. Wow Suzie. I'll have to get Hubbie to read this. It's all greek to me at the moment

  2. Gosh, I'm first again - wonder will never cease! x

  3. Hi Suzie.. I've been having a play this morning.. I've decided I haven't been playing as much as I'd like as I can't always get on big computer.. so.... I've down loaded an app to my Android phone.. I LOVE it! I've uploaded a pic to Picassa but I can't seem to write a blogger post from my Android :(

    I have a Flickr a/c and it's uploaded the pic no problems.. I'm just not sure how to make a seperate album now for my 365 pics! grr! I NEED some chocolate!!!!

  4. It's just as greek to my husband probably as we haven't got an iphone,but then again maybe not.

  5. Sorry I haven't been round the blogs to comment. It is taking me all my time to get my photo/layout made and posted!