Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 19

So yesterday we had a look at things that bring you pleasure, and therefore do you good! Today, let's have a look at things that are

bad for you!

Now it might be chocolate or cake, or it might be something that makes you angry, or makes you feel bad, or worries you .......


  1. ok i was brave and my biggest "bad for you", please can i just ask that you dont flame me too much or leave too many negative comments about this... it is a BIG BIG bad for me...

  2. Do you know...I could use one photo so far for all of the words so far this week!! A GENEROUS gift of chocolate which is in itself a SNACK, NAUGHTY, PLEASURABLE & BAD FOR YOU!!!!....I won't though!!!! ;)

  3. Playing catch up! Looking forward to visiting everyone over the weekend.. I couldn't think of anything yesterday then my DD said what about cheese.. that's not good for me! It gives me migranes :-(