Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 8

Woohoo! We made it through week one!  I've been so thrilled with everyone's enthusiasm for this challenge, and LOVE seeing all your photos!  It's amazing to see how differently everyone interprets the word of the day.

Today, my heating is fixed (yay!) and I am sitting here in the dark (three teenagers asleep on sofas/floor) drinking a cup of coffee (that green tea box from yesterday?  Anyone know where it is?!  hehe) and it feels very ....


So there you go! It's Sunday, there must be some cosying up going on!

Here's three teens looking very cosy:


  1. Happy Sunday Suzie! Sounds like a great weekend at yours, glad you are all warm and cosy now!

  2. Ahh lovely and cosy, that word is immense, love it.

    What a great first week :) I have so enjoyed it and can't wait to print them all out tomorrow when I do the first project life week scrapping.

    I can see that once the initial excitement has worn off it may become more of a 'challenge' but that is what it is and that is why it will be satisfying. Love it. Oh and I was wondering, have you already thought of the words and assigned them? I would love to hear about your process, or is that something you are saving for the end of the project?

    Have a great Sunday :)

  3. Really enjoying this project Suzie! Like Jennie, I was wondering if you have 366 words thought out already or whether you are just being spontaneous every day. Right - off to find something cosy .........!

  4. I've finally had a chance this morning to do a post about the challenge. I'm loving it. Thank you!

  5. Doesn't look like those teens will surface for a while!

  6. oh how I remember it well. enjoy it now cos it goes far too quickly.

  7. Hee, Hee I couldn't think what to use photo for the word and then my son ended up doing the same thing!! He'd go mad if he knew I had taken it, let alone posted it for all to see!!
    I've finally caught up. I had managed to take the photos each day but just not post them. I even got around to doing a digital layout with them all on this afternoon. Thank you so much for doing this Suzie

  8. Linky will not work for me - here is mine