Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 31

One month down! Only 11 to go!!! The fact that so many of you are still with me makes me SO HAPPY!!! :)

Today I'd like you to show me some


Car wheels, bicycle wheels, buggy wheels, what sets your wheels in motion?

I was a bit lost with this one! But then I remembered one of my favourite songs by Edie Brickell .. The Wheel!

Should you feel so inclined, you can hear this song here!


  1. Thank you for a fun month. I've really enjoyed it. :-)

  2. Well done coming up with a photo challenge every day - it;'s been great - a month gone already - heres to February AND it's a leap year.

  3. Love this challenge :) Thank you, you are hosting it so well.

    I love The Wheel, perked me up this morning :)

  4. I have really enjoyed the challenge - having a daily word makes me think about taking a photo.

    Loved the song today!

  5. great interpretation and great song !

  6. Brilliant....and thanks for hosting the challenge!!
    Kirsti x