Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 6

More mayhem here today ...

Today is the first day of the Snap:2012 challenge on UKScrappers.  If you're participating in both challenges you will notice the daily words will now be linked (sometimes tenuously!) to the weekly theme ... If you're not a UKS member you won't really notice any difference, so keep on snapping and sharing your photos!

Today's word is frost

If there's no frost around where you are (there's none here today!) this will pose a bit of a challenge, but dig out those thinking caps and put them on!  What's happening in the freezer?  Got some frosted glass in your bathroom?  Interpret the word in your own way :) Or, of course, you don't need to use the word at all - snap something else entirely!

Here's mine - no frost on the ground today, but the workmen are in again and all the doors in the house are open ... my hands are feeling decidedly frosty!

Some of you will be pleased to know that yesterday's cupboard of death spewage resulted in FIVE BLACK SACKS full of crap for the dump! Hurrah! The rest will be going in the shed, with a few things going back in the cupboard of death ...


  1. Yayy to black to the cold's why I am putting of my painting...xx

  2. Congratulations, you deserve great honour and recognition! Impressive clear out and hope that the house is warm again soon.

  3. I know the feeling; I can't seem to get the house above 16.4 degrees this morning. I know that because hubby got a temperature gadget for Christmas. It is 1.8 degrees outside if you're interested (or not!).

  4. I am envious of your ability to employ black bags as a crap clearing tool; I only seem able to use them to help me pile things to greater heights or stop crap falling out of cupboards when the door is opened! We have high winds today, but they are warm and coming from Africa, so I hope they continue on their journey North and reach you before long.

  5. Brrr to your frosty hands - hope the heating gets finished soon so your hands (and the rest of you) can feel nice and toastie x

  6. yeah! to the black bags!

    Keep warm hun.. wishing you & yours a fabberoney weekend.xx

  7. Oh poor you, works need to be done sometimes, but the week of New Year must be hard. You have been super industrious though, definitely worthwhile in the end.