Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 5

Lots of prettiness yesterday! My eyes feel a little better :)

So today, it's a cold, miserable, dark, grey Thursday. Everyone's a bit grumpy about going back to work and getting back to normal after the Christmas holidays ... I'm definitely in a grumpy mood as I have to clear the cupboard under the stairs, aka the cupboard of death, for the workmen. Soooooo ... today I want you all to look for something that brings you


Update to add my photo! Now, you see, excitement crops up in the weirdest places. The cupboard of death has spewed forth its' contents, and I am strangely quite excited about this, an EMPTY cupboard of death!:

THIS however, yeah, not feeling the excitement quite so much here ...

(I can't quite believe that I have just shared that photo with the world!)

Now if I can find excitement in an empty cupboard, you can find excitement on a dull January Thursday!!!

Off you go!


  1. How exciting Lisa!

    Fab prompt Suzie.. good luck with 'that' cupboard!!

  2. hee hee! we all have place like this one my lovely :-D xxx

  3. Oh dear!! Like the emptiness but not that other room! x

  4. I'm with Kaz...I do like the emptiness but the other room does not excite me at luck!!

    Kirsti xxx

  5. I need to do my cupboard under the stairs this month. It houses all the camping stuff- but I know it has grown and grown in there and needs a good sort out!

  6. I'm just wondering how much will find it's way back into there, Suzie! x

  7. I think I might get excited about the empty cupboard, and if, in the emptying of it, I came across something I had been searching for for ages, or had forgotten I had got, I might get excited about that, but the rest.....nah!
    Kate x

  8. im loving the cupboard of death lol - wonder if i should share a photo of the bedroom of doom?.... lol

  9. I too would be excited if someone had tidied my kerplunk cupboard. haha :)

  10. Get the black bags out Suzie!!!!

  11. I can so relate to your photo of the contents! I have 2 rooms like that right now, curtesy of having to empty my heaving bookshelves and clear another room ready for new sofa's to be delivered.
    Luckily, what I achieved in the process has inspired me to carry on clearing!