Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 2

I was so happy to see you all playing along yesterday! There is no deadline on joining this challenge - you can start your year whenever you like!  And thank you for all the birthday messages, it made the day even more special x

Today's word is


Did you get an amazing new present for Christmas? Are you turning over a new leaf? Starting some new resolutions to create a new you? Whatever is new in your world, I want to see it!

Here's mine! My new diary for the new year ...


  1. It's well seeing I'm still on holiday. Probably be last to post when I return.

  2. How funny I couldn't decide whether to use pic of diary or decorations!!

  3. Hi can I just say that you have my name on the participants list but the link is wrong...ta..Kirsti xxx

  4. Sorry Kirsti! Fixed it now :)

  5. Whew. Late posting today but made it eventually.