Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 4

Well, you certainly all brought the ugly yesterday!  Today the work begins in my house to replace our heating system which blew up just before Christmas, so I'm going to be surrounded by even more ugly!  To save my sanity,  today I want you to show me pictures of


My friend bought me my favourite flowers for my birthday, a huge bunch of tulips :)

Bring it! :)


  1. what app are you using for your pics? i love the frames!

  2. I use a billion different apps! If you click on the 'apps galore' tab up top you'll see a list of my favourites. I use Camera+ to take my photo, then usually edit using the 'clarity' button and crop it. Then for this photo I used Pixlromatic -Salomon effect and Grunge frame :) I'll leave this comment on your blog too.

  3. I'm a fan of tulips as well; I love the way the stems droop onto graceful curves.
    Joining this group has given me the shove I need to get to grips with PS-CS5. I've been using PS7 for so long I was reluctant to make the change. I don't have a "cameraphone" (shades of Sherlock)so no instagrams for me, but I'm quite happy with my pocket Pentax.

  4. Ha!! Word verification was FONIER...

  5. Lol I love word verification words! I always say them out loud :)

  6. Hi Suzie.. I'm late! I'm SOOOOOO sorry! Life n all that!!!!

    Will blog properly tonight!!! and link over from my other blog.. would you believe I've found a post in draft from months ago! *blushes*

    Promise to catch up properly tonight!

    Best wishes,

  7. Love the colour of your tulips and I forgot to say Happy Birthday to you the other day...

    Kirsti xxx

  8. I found this much harder than I thought, probably due to being back at work!

  9. Love the tulips and shhh, but I think I have a sneaky half hour to browse your app list....bliss!